Monday, September 12, 2016

Wisdom's Baptism  
T and I were hoping to hide in the back row of the church, but the usher separated us and put us in the very first two pews. T got placed between two ladies who loved to dance. One of them hit her on the butt when she didn't exit fast enough to hand in the offerings envelope. The pastor continued his lucky streak of pretending that I don't exist and never making eye contact with me. He is now two for two, even though on both occasions of my attending services I was directly in his line of vision for more than three hours. 

From my very limited experience with religious services, I have to say that pentecostal churches do the most.

F did a lot of chauffering people around. We gave Cool and Job's friend Celeste a ride to the church, and he, in turn, coached us through the service. We also gave Joshua a ride to the tents in Lucca to find a friend who is staying with the Red Cross. I convinced him to take my free Italian class on Monday. Or I think I did. We'll see if he shows.


He does make eye contact with some folks.

Cool, Jennifer, and Wisdom

happy family

That is Celeste in the pink.

Wisdom and Me

The best moment was showing Jennifer her gift of framed family photos, a dashing dress blazer for Wisdom, and a little cash.

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