Monday, September 26, 2016

The BIG 5000  
I was sick with a cold this weekend so I decided to rope F and T into helping me make a job wanted ad for Job and Cool. I then found the facebook account of one of the most famous foodies in Lucca. Then I made the crazy decision to go through his 5000 followers, most of whom are chef or chef related and befriend them so that I could send them a private message. It took almost eight hours and by the end I skipped anyone not wearing an apron or a coat in their profile picture. So far I have had a dozen friendships accepted and one guy said he would make some calls. I am more than a little afraid that my friendship request would be taken as a romantic overture or an invitation for a racist diatribe on my page, but so far so good.  When I set my mind to something, I go full out. Please do visit me in prison, if it comes to that. And really, if being the robin hood of apron wearing contacts is so bad, lock me in the tower.

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