Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Peace's naming ceremony
What a life!

This was a very welcoming, lovely tradition where you could really feel how much better the world is for having Peace in it. 

When we first got there, we met this very sweet little girl named Esther who was thrilled to have been given a fan to play with. It was super hot this afternoon in Tuscany so we didn't mind the extra fanning one bit. 

Before we went home, we gave Tina and Job the presents for Peace, including a bunch of snaps/photos that she can send to Africa. She was so thrilled to have the images of her daughter from the very beginning. It was very gratifying for us. The pastor also said that we were doing what God wants us to do and that we would be rewarded. I told her that we had already been rewarded by being included in their lives, and she seemed to like that response. 

Wisdom was my dance partner.

These pastors were a very sweet married couple.

Tina's smiles are not easily won, but they are worth a lot.

Paul is practicing for one day when it will be his turn.

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