Friday, September 30, 2016

Our lives sometimes feel like they revolve around what's happening with our friends in Montecatini. The day, nevertheless, started out in Lucca where we went to meet a technician for Paul's hot water heater. I woke up late with a cold headache, but I had a feeling that I should come out and see Paul, who has been out of touch for about a month. He had a cold, too, and he has been working hard washing dishes. He was pretty depressed, maybe because he is more isolated now that he works alone for so many hours a week. I feel like we got his spirits up with the shennanigans that happened getting his heat back on. The technician turned out to be super short, like shorter than me, and the caldaia/hot water heater turned out to be almost on the ceiling. The ladder that came with the house was not high enough, and F had not yet arrived. Paul had the idea to swing the dining table under the ladder and the intrepid technician swung himself up there and stood on one leg where he peered into the machine. I believe the end analysis was that the electricity to the machine had been turned off since there are twenty unmarked switches on the wall in the vicinity of the kitchen. We paid the guy twenty bucks and he went off, unscathed, and whistling. 

Looking up!

We tried to get baby Peace's permesso now that there is a new law saying that they can't just sign on to the parents' stay permits, but after we drove all the way to PIstoia we found out that the questura doesn't do that work on Fridays. Then we learned that Tina and Job and the guys' hot water is not working, despite the fact that we paid a tecnico 70 euros less than two weeks ago to come fix it. I skype messaged the landlords about this. 

As it turns out, Stanley and his wife did not find an apartment. Either they confused seeing an apartment on the real estate agent's computer with finding an apartment or they just were not convinced I would bring them furniture otherwise. We did, in fact, bring them some lovely chairs from Bernadette. Just in case they had found a good real estate agent who was not prejudiced against Africans, we took Tina and Job by the agent they used, but she didn't want anything to do with any of us. Then we dropped off the chairs at Jennifer's house and picked up the prescriptions for baby medicines for Peace and Wisdom. We drove around for ages looking for a pharmacy that was open during lunchtime. Oh Italy! 


I got bad news from Emmanuel's lawyer that he is going to explain to me in greater detail tonight on the phone.  I am very worried about how I will break it to Emmanuel that his appeal was shot down and that his stay permit will not be renewed. I don't honestly know how he will manage in this limbo state with his son Precious so far away from him and very little hope of getting to see him in person now that it will be even harder for him to earn a living. 

The good news is we have this girl in the world:


Enjoying the ride!

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