Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Home Sweet Peace
ahahahaha, check out ms. squoosh face!

Today after my pentultimate class in the English series at Brooks Running Company, I went to the hospital with F to bring Tina and Peace back home. It was not as easy as it sounds. We had two different meetings with nurses and doctors because Tina did not understand her meeting with the doctor who allegedly speaks English and so, thank God, I found the most detail oriented nurse to explain again and again what she has to do. In any language it is not simple as it involves the mother getting injections at home for six days which Tina's husband Job will administer, and twice daily antibiotics measured in a baby dropper with a syringe by Job. That has to be kept in a refrigerator. The belly button cleaning stuff has to be done every day. I made Job write everything in Nigerian on a paper to tape to his refrigerator. I still am unclear where and how to get Peace's birth certificate from the comune. We had to go to an outside pharmacy to buy the vitamin drops that they will never afford to refill for Peace. We went to a maternity store to buy nursing bras for Tina; I miraculously guessed the right size of the band and the cup. I bought her a nightgown that is easy for nursing. Yesterday I gave Peace her first manicure with a nail file. Tina came home to find a beautiful pink ribbon on the door, but she was not happy with how the men left the kitchen. Lots of moping and muttering ensued which was not resolved for several hours until she saw how lovely her new bedspread looked on the bed. 

While I did that, F went to Jennifer, Cool, and baby Wisdom's house to put up mosquito screens in the sauna that used to be their nice house. When I dropped by the other day, there were blood stains all over the walls. I saw at least thirty mosquitoes sitting on the walls. 

Mosquitoes, be gone!

Baby Wisdom is so big and cute now:
Cool and Wisdom, the best named humans ever.

We still have to deal with Paul's broken water heater. Tomorrow he goes for his permesso renewal where he will be fingerprinted, and most likely he will be hassled about his proof of residency. 

In the meantime, I contacted Emmanuel's lawyer for him and also Josha. The lawyer says we will know Emmanuel's fate on September 15th. 

We still need to find a private apartment for Tina, Job, and Peace in Montecatini or Pescia because their home is too crowded. Did I mention that Tina's "sister" from her village, Franca, has come to live with them, too? At least she gets ordered around by Tina pretty good naturedly and will help with cooking, cleaning, and laundry. 

I will start a free Italian class for all Nigerians who want to come to Lucca on Monday afternoons, but who knows how mercilessly I will get teased by the Italian barista and cameriera for that endeavor. 

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