Friday, September 09, 2016

To do list times two      
On our to do list just for this week was picking up the awesome donation from Bernadette of a tv for Paul. We needed to call Paul to find out about getting his heater fixed, take Tina to get her stitches removed,  go shopping for curtains to keep all the flies out of their kitchen, print out the photos for Wisdom's baptism present and Peace's name ceremony present, write the letter for Tina and Jennifer to get weekly food care packages from Caritas, and pick up winter blankets for all the men from Vanessa. More or less everything on the list involved doing it twice. Even Tina's stitches could not all be taken out at once. Somehow we also managed to fit in doing the work we actually get paid to do. I almost remember how to teach English. It has been a long summer.
It might take me more than one go to get anything done in this country, but I have an amazing track record for do-overs.
I was so bummed to have to hold the baby, while Tina had her appointment. See how sad I don't look.    
Here I am keepin' the Peace (and then totally returning her, though!)

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