Monday, August 08, 2016

We had to Kimmy Schmidt the situation  
On day 6, 7, and 8 we had terrible sinus problems and I have had migraine headaches from all of the chemicals and mould and stuff that we inhaled in redoing Tina and the five guys' house in Montecatini. 

Along the way, we found some true angels amongst us. Karin went up in her attic with us and gave us a bunch of beautiful baby bedding, a play pen, and lots of other goodies. Bernadette came to the rescue with the perfect loveseat for the house so that Tina will have a place to sit comfortably with the baby when she comes. 

Thanks, Karin!

Mario, my English student from the class sent by the employment agency, which we called Very Much, after Mario's two favorite English words, is an electrician. He and his colleague came after a hard week's work on a Saturday afternoon and hooked up all of those dangling wires in Tina's kitchen and got the three blocked burners on her four burner gas stove working again. For FREE. I couldn't believe it. Tina and Job went running down the lane after them to thank them. They were so sweet. He had seen the before pictures on FB. He brought to our attention that the house has no hot water. I asked Tina about it and she confirmed that they decided back in April to start taking only cold showers. I brought to her attention that autumn is coming and it might be important to have heat in the house come winter, what with a new baby and all. So now we have to try to solve that problem.

Mario bros. to the rescue!

And my new sister from another mister, Courtney came to the rescue in a big way today. She drove the loveseat, which only fit in the audi she borrowed after Gabry and F tied a rope around the trunk to keep it closed on the autostrada, all the way to Montecatini. Gabry is the Romanian guy who F helps with driving lessons so he can pass his taxi driver test and get home to his wife and baby son with some good employment prospects. He needs help on parallel parking so he helps us when F only has two hands and needs four.
This happened.
Courtney also put up with me and my car improv games: "Now we're the girls from the Aerosmith video. Sure you can be the brunette, but we're both still basically underaged hookers. Now we're Thelma and Louise with a Nigerian and an older, emaciated Brad Pitt." I like when people play along with me. She came with us and Tina's housemate DeWill to the questura where we finally got Tina a letter of hospitality stamped and official with which she can get residency, a permanent health card, and, eventually, a pediatrician. It was so easy at the police station, that I made DeWill laugh when I was joking around with Courtney, "what no lap dance, no handing over my first born, you are just giving us the official document we want on the second try?" Everyone knows, it takes three tries to get anything done in Italy. I figure our karmas are pretty awesome at this point, but we still paid for this stroke of good luck later, as you will discover.

and that is why it is called a loveseat!

Ikea for Tina was pretty much like Alice in Wonderland. She could not believe how big this store is. Courtney's mother is also awesome, as Courtney did not fall far from the awesome tree, and donated money for new furniture and diapers. Tina fell in love hard with a wardrobe for baby clothes that is called Stuva. Courtney has dealt with this Stuva bitch before and she is not easy to dominate as she comes in sixty thousand parts and she takes up a lot of room in the car. So much so that F and I had to l lie down in the trunk on the way home. No, seriously, we did. 

ikea is BIG

A real table!

Tina in Wonderland

decisions, decisions

We also gave Emmanuel a framed photo of his son Precious to put up in his room, along with the new curtains. 

I won't have the real before and after pictures until Wednesday, but here is what I got for you:

My view from the trunk.

F wondering why he married me.
not exagerating

this is really our life


Swedish directions, so late at night


Wardrobe Dream Delivered

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