Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Just waiting   
We are just soaking up the last days of summer vacation, waiting for Tina to have her baby. I'm not gonna lie: t is a little nerve wracking waiting for the call. We sleep with the phones charging next to the bed and we have a bag packed and a change of outfit just in case.

In the meanwhile, we went to Fabio's birthday party. I thought that we were finally going to be cool for once and arrive fashionably Italian late, but we got there and it seemed all of the other guests were part of young families with jumpy youngsters who we made wait for the Americans before they could start eating. All that coolness was not wasted because due to the seating plan, I spent the whole night wining and dining a little girl and her littler brother. With me and Matilde it was love at first sight. She not only is very good at hide and seek, but her knowing glances and eye rolls while her brother told me everything about "the ulka" who turns out to be the Hulk for all you Americans out there who are up on the Avengers. He was a cute little dude, made only cuter by his impassioned hand gesturing. Francesca did the most, as she is known love herself a carbohydrate in her kitchen. Dinner was not only appetizers, filo dough everything with Philadelphia cream cheese, but two more main courses including a massive hunk of white lasgna with beans, and three different types of mini pizzas with quiche. I fed F like he was my dog, passing him plate after plate because this was not my first time at this particular kind of Italian rodeo.

Fabio & Francesca

making new friends

You know your Italian is getting better when it passes the seven year old comprehension check!

We also found the motherload of donation givers in singer Vanessa Peters. Here we are looking like we just got roles in Lin Manuel Miranda's updated version of West Side Story:

On set!

I am getting more and more worried that my friend Ian's first visit to Lucca for one day only is going to involve a backdrop of Pistoia's Hospital and Hurricane Tina.

Before I forget, here are some more beautiful photos of T with her new friends from Harvard Summer Program:

T and Jelena

plugged in



the whole group!

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