Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Good morning . .  
So I woke up late because I went to sleep late. F wasn't in bed. He wasn't in the house. I checked the email. Meagan was writing from Colorado about an earthquake. She said everyone was fine. I looked at the New York Times and it turned out the earthquake was in Italy, 100 miles from Rome. Then I remembered that Ian and his family are in Rome! I did a google map search to check on them. I called F. He said not to panic he was with the police. He had been giving Paul some donations from our parked car and a police squad surrounded them and checked their documents. Fraser tried to explain calmly that Paul has a job and a bank account and the right documents and that he was just coming over to check out some winter blankets that someone was donating. Paul got upset and the police searched his bag and started asking more questions. F took the opportunity to speak to the only understanding and English speaking officer about encouraging him to realize how hard our friend is trying to integrate into Italian society. My India Arie ring tone. Tina was calling. She takes a long time to say good morning. It turned out she was not in labor, but wanted to know if I could bring a thing to her house. She did not know the word for stapler, but did a damn good job describing one quiz show style until I guessed it. Note to self: save Tina as a phone friend next time I get invited to participate in a television quiz show (big money).Then I noticed that our boss had written us five emails asking us increasingly more pointed questions. And I noticed an inquiry on the part of a potential student. Then F came home and the buzzer rang. It was just a delivery. Then I had a cup of coffee. The End. 
These photos were brought to you by the letter Oy and the number 9 3/4.
Track number 9 3/4??

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