Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Day 4, have mercy!
Everybody has been working so hard renovating Tina and Job's house. We spent probably 500 euros so far for this project. It is just really hard to say no when you see six unemployed adults living in a house and then you notice that the shower curtain is hanging by a string. 

Literally . . . hanging by a string.

When we got there today, they told us only one burner on the stove was working. We had to go shopping for more paint so we brought Ezekiel with us so that he could advise F about what kind of new faucet to buy for the kitchen so Tina doesn't have to keep doing the dishes with a hose. He is good at everything renovation related. We brought Tina, too, so that she could pick out the drawer liners and handle pulls for the kitchen drawers, because those were also missing. I mean they needed to use a knife to open the drawer to get to the knives so clearly we had to buy drawer pulls, and the days have gone on like that. 

Today I convinced an American lady new to Italy to hire Job as a house cleaner until after Tina has her baby. She said she doesn't feel comfortable being alone with him with her children in the house while her husband is away even though I told her that I have known him for more than six months and I trust him with my life. I know, I know. She told me that we don't have immigrants in America. WHAT??? I told her that we are all immigrants in America and there was this long silent pause. I tried to sound extra cheery after that because my chest hurt and I wanted to just tell her to forget it.  Bottom line, we have to go with Job while he cleans her house, but she will pay ten euros and hour and then she might hire Tina after the baby comes. 

I am too ashamed to show you what I look like today, but take a look at the crew after a hard night and a hard day's work and you will quickly understand:

Job at rest.

Guy whose name we don't know (not for lack of asking) and Emmanuel at rest.

. . . getting there!

Joshua at rest.

So much better!

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