Monday, August 01, 2016

Day 3, Listen well well  
Listen well well is pidgin English for listen up, but nobody with a penis listened to me today. It is almost as though the lord above was like well, you know what, if they have a penis, they probably don't really need ears. Thus I told  F everything at least three times. I felt like the goose in Charlotte's damn web. Thank goodness Courtney volunteered to come down and help us. She even brought a bag for them of vegetables from her garden. 

It was really frustrating that the humidity damage meant that after we would paint, the anti-muffa paint would actually slide off the walls and we would have to scrape and sand, using the sanding machine I told F to get from the housing goods store. Three times, people. Three times. 

But, cmot (pidgin English for c'mon) at least it is reallly starting to look beautiful. It is a big change. Everyone was happy about it. It meant a lot, too. I mean, you figure folks had to be pretty depressed to live in that much filth without trying to do anything about it. Plus, people without ears, you know which ones I'm talking about, should have helped Tina even before she was nine months pregnant to do the housekeeping. 

P.S. Pidgin English is the opposite of Italian so today is going to mess me up for normal life communication for like ten days. 

Thank goodness for Ezekiel who does the work of three men and paints like a professional. Paul's and his friend Ali's work is also really on point. After seeing yesterday's results, Joshua jumped in with both feet today, as well. A couple of our crew paint like drunk people, but I love them anyway. I really do. 

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