Tuesday, August 16, 2016

  Arrivederci America!  
T came home from the USA. She had an unforgettable summer and loved Harvard, getting to visit with her Uncle Laurence, seeing Meagan and Stephen and the girls in Colorado, and visiting with her grandparents in New York. 

What a sweet group!
Nobody looks out for you like your uncle!

She went to Harvard, the real one . . just saying.

T and Sally

Sorry, but this all looks so Gilmore Girls .. 

diner situation

adorable (sorry I've never been away from her for two whole months!)

July 4th, it's been so long since we saw something so American!

Jelena, hopefully, will come visit because she is from Serbia.

They don't sleep much at Harvard.

public speaking class!

perhaps it was a bit stressful . . .

Our girl's got solo miles.

super cuties!

Outdoor Beauty

plus they went to TarGET

and hiking!

yup, apparently she met some deer and a 3 ft. long snake.

converted mountain girl



Vivi, designer in training.

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