Sunday, July 31, 2016

Werk! day 2
It really could not have gone any better getting Tina and Job's house prepped for painting day tomorrow. We all tapped on the walls until the loose plaster rained down on us. I actually did very little of the mildew and mould removal in the bathroom because Paul took over for me when he got there, saying this is not work for you. I did not resist because my shoes were slippery and I was standing on a bidet; I am a short human, and I am 46. 

How much pleasure did it give me to hear the Nigerians hum along to the soundtrack of Hamilton? Too much, probably. We brought little speakers for my phone. They also really loved the songs I had by LunchMoney Lewis, Bills and also I Love Me. When Emmanuel sang along to the Schuyler Sisters, singing werk, werk and giving me a thumbs up, I about lost it. 

Derwood thanked us, but he was the only one not to help. Young Joshua got frustrated easily, but F showed him how to prep the walls with the scotch tape and he liked doing that. 

Anyway, this is how it went:

That brown stuff is all mould and mildew. They have been showering in that for three years.

Scream 4, the sequel

Time for a close-up!

A scene from psycho. See the yellow ceiling?

Getting Plastered!

Tina at werk

Emmanuel getting it done.

Paul came to help out.

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