Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weirdest phone call ever
So last night I Skyped the landlord's of the African refugee house in Montecatini. It turns out that the Albanian wife and the Italian husband live in Switzerland with their two kids. Although Tina said she can speak some English, we only spoke in Italian. Her father is here in Tuscany, and he is the one who got the water turned on when he saw that Tina was pregnant. They could not have been nicer. Tina and Job had led me to believe that the husband might not approve of the deal, but it was not the case. They are thrilled for us to fix up the the residence and are happy to help Tina get her residency. The catch is that if their physical presence is necessary to make that happen, they won't be back in Italy for several months.

 Nevertheless, I downloaded letter of hospitality forms from the internet and filled out Tina's part of the information late last night, and they said they would complete the forms and send them back to her midweek. I suspect they keep the house for tax purposes and were never too invested in how much rent money they earned from it. My impression was that they are sympathetic to the whole immigration situation because of her Albanian background and that they are happy to help in any way they can. As for today, we are hoping that everyone has slept off their morning hangovers from Stanli's wedding ceremony last night, and will be ready to get to plastering the walls after their Sunday church service. I hope there won't be too much chaos and people will agree about who is doing what and how. It is important we get everything clean, plastered, and taped up so we can just get the painting done tomorrow. There are these nasty wall to wall carpets that have so much dusty filth in them. We have to pull those up and get down to the floor underneath. Luckily the house is old and stone, so the plaster isn't rotting through or harboring too much insect life.  

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