Friday, July 01, 2016

Live and Learn
What is it with us? We left Matera in plenty of time to get to the airport in Bari, but the GPS was all confused and the route changed so it took half an hour longer than expected. When we got to the car rental return to give back the Hertz car, the lady didn't want to accept the car because we had a contract with Firefly and I had to beg her to  take the car even though she wouldn't close out the contract for us and warned us that there would be a penalty to pay. We didn't want to leave the airport to try to find Firefly car rental six kilometers away, where in all likelihood, they would have told us to give the car back to Hertz. We then had to wait for an hour before the airline personnel came to check us in. When we got off the plane in Palermo and went to pick up a car on the other side, there was only one very, very slow moving Hertz guy who took an average of ten minutes per contract and there were five people in line ahead of us. It really seemed like all the car rental agents at every counter were moving at about the same sloth-like pace. It was crazy. After we got the contract we had to wait at the office for someone to give us the keys. I'm sorry. I'm even boring myself.

Hertz, so slow it hurts. . .

I had only a piece of toast at 6 AM so by the time we arrived to meet the representative for the bungalo in Scopello, which took no less than five phone conversations to arrange, I was starving and exhausted. The driving in the south of Italy is even worse than what you've heard. While we were waiting for this young woman to take us to the bungalow, we noticed that the beach was farther away than advertised, rocky, and only good if you were a dedicated swimmer who wanted a challenge. 

figures of us not included
I mean, really!

If Snow White was poisoned by the witch's apple and no one came to save her and the dwarves gave up on her than that is what the bungalow looked like. We had lunch there and then decided we couldn't ruin our vacation staying there. We got the Wifi password and booked ourselves into a different B&B, represented by this sweet young guy named Alessandro. He took us up into the hills where we found this delightful house and a lovely couple who live on one half of the property, named Maurizio and Mirabella. It turned out it was their 39th wedding anniversary, but they still took time to make us feel at home. They have a crazy dog named Fred who is very well behaved, but has the penchant of filling his mouth with pine cones, dropping them at your feet, and waiting for you to kick them so he can run after them. 

One weird thing is the outdoor kitchen.

So much better!

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