Friday, July 08, 2016

Erice and me
Even though our hosts kind of blew us off after the whole bone in the throat fiasco at their football party and then told us we had to leave like twelve hours before our flight, it all worked out. We decided to drive to Erice, where my friend Giusy told us that the best bakery in Sicily is located. And she was totally right! We even got a peek at the owner and namesake Maria Grammatico! The pastries are just magical. The whole city is very romantic. There are very windy, slippery stone streets and all of these secret doorways that leady to ivy covered courtyards. The sunlight was just loving on all of the white stone buildings that make up the old city on the top of the hill, and then you turn the corner and it all gives way to this incredible panorama of the castles in the hills and the sea in the distance. 

Worth the climb! Order the Genovesi and the chocolate rum marzipan bon bon guys.

The chance to the miniature version of the city and meet one of the artisans who created it was worth every penny of the four euro entrance fee. In reality, that was a crazy bargain. I have a dollhouse fetish and this mechanical version which was made of wax and ceramics really captivated us. 

We had a picnic on the shady steps and enjoyed a cool breeze for a change. The drive up is filled with hairpin turns. Theoretically it is a two way road, but when another car comes whipping down the hills at you, it is pretty scary. But worth it, since we are home safe and sound. 

I got you a present, T!

We spent like a million hours at the airport and we met a super nice family from Barga. The fifteen year old girl must have thought I was kind of oversharing, but I teared up meeting her because I miss T so much. 

Of course the caldaia/hot water heater was not working when we came home to the 9000 degree apartment due to what we assume were many a power outage due to the heat wave in Tuscany, but we resuscitated it and turned on all the fans. 

At the airport, I managed to help Tina salvage her doctor's appointment at Punto Donna. She told me the white women who came late to their appointments were not turned away, but she was. I called and pretended to be an important outreach worker who needed to know she would be seen before I caught my important flight. I think it worked. Then I had to let Emmanuel know that yes, his letter did get to his lawyer in time so the new appeal can be processed. And, lastly, I got this activist lady on FB to say that she thinks she can get Tina and Job a free villa in Florence, if he is willing to help with the gardening. I'll believe it when I see it, but we have three other leads on apartments for them so there will be a lot of hot car yoga in my future as we schlep around trying to get them housing. Their landlord finally did say he would send someone to fix the broken motor in their water pump. But I will also only believe that when I see it. Lord am I jaded after everything.   

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