Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The money is green though

My mom came to Lucca to take T back to America for the summer.

She generously gave donations to everyone from my group, including money that could serve as a commission for a real estate agent for Tina and Job. Tina looked beautiful, but I didn't manage to take any "snaps" of her.  It was one of the most discouraging days of my life, running around from office to office and having people's faces fall when they saw that the apartment I wanted was not for me, but for our African friends. Sometimes they waved their fingers in our faces, saying niente affitti as if they just ran out of rentals as soon as they saw black people. I kept repeating that the money was green, but they said that the house owners would never trust that they would pay their rent month after month. I couldn't handle the look on Tina's face so I took her to buy a take home outfit for her baby who is expected in just over a month. 

Wisdom's first therapy session

Beauty & Wisdom

Cutest baby EVER!

Unfortunately, due to Renzi's protesters' run-in with police in Lucca, Nadia's article about us in Il Tirreno got bumped.  I don't expect it to be published before Sunday. 

We had a little bit of promising news in that one of F's friends said that he might be able to get agricultural jobs for people in our group doing the harvest in the Chianti area for wine makers. It would be a great job for them, as it pays well and is supposed to last ten months a year.  

Paul had good news: he got paid for his work at the restaurant. He is so happy. F is taking him to the bank tomorrow so that he can open his first bank account.

My mother running on the walls in her lavender pirate outfit makes people genuinely happy.

We just dropped T and my mom off at the airport. I am thinking that college is overrated. T left us hidden letters all over the house. I found one with a heart on it when I first walked in the door and burst into tears. I put on her flannel shirt and am proceding with my Wendy Williams marathon and other self soothing techniques which include snacks and the cheesy magazines my mother brought me from the airport.

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