Thursday, June 30, 2016

Arrivederci Matera
The scene at the spa at La Locanda di San Martino was very funny because the desk people were the least welcoming individuals you would ever care to not meet. We were one of the three couples who showed up to use the morning circuit of sauna, shower, pool, and hydromassage. There were no instructions. Or rather there were lots of signs about what not to do, but no one there to tell you what to do so all the couples were super awkward. One woman was really frowning at me, but it was nothing personal. She was worried the pool water was too deep. In fact, it was up to my neck and she was shorter than me. The next time we saw them, the couples staggered themselves for the utmost privacy, she was getting a ride from him piggyback through the pool. It was adorable. They looked so proud of themselves.

Vegetarian Delight!

 We were mighty relaxed after that and had a plethora of choices at the produce open market. We took a siesta, had a tasty lunch at home, and then went to see a movie about the history of Matera that was truly inspiring at the Casa Noha by FAI/Fondo Ambiente Italiano. We learned all about how this orignally abundant city became an almost prison-like existence for its impoverished residents and how it then rose again in the most spectacular way. The movie takes place in different rooms and the young lady gave us the instructions so earnestly that I just wanted to show her with my face how seriously I was listening to her. So much so, that I forgot to listen. Our whole group got scolded because we didn't go into the right room for the second part of the video and missed a bit of the story. But it was worth it. 

and buona notte!

Our host Cosimina continues to be the host with the MOST. Here is a forbidden shot of her apartment with F peeking out. 

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