Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Matera      
We finally left the apartment with the gonging refrigerator and headed through many a rotonda towards Cosimina and her fantastic Airbnb loft apartment in Matera. This place is so much more exciting. The modern part of the city has all of the shopping you could possibly want, and the older part is a stunningly beautiful, hilly labyrinth. It is so romantic, Dio mio. Cosimina dedicated at least half an hour to us, chatting about the city's history and giving us advice. We went directly to the open produce market and got what we needed just as they were closing. I am a little addicted to the kind of frozen yogurt they sell in southern Italy; it is not too sweet or too heavy, and it is so refreshing. Even though there are a lot of tourists, many of them are also Italian. Everyone we've met on the winding walks has been very friendly. I am happy to see that they also look exhausted. 
Have you ever seen anything like it?
I smile, but, in reality, my calves are exploding.
Tomorrow we are going to take a dip into the thermal spa at La locanda di San Martino. It looks like this in the photos: 
They are going to make us wear bathing caps!

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