Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Gallipoli  
No, really, the birds that sound like car alarms in Nardò are really awful. Also, remember what I said about all of the hairdresser shops here? It turns out they are all barber shops and designed only for men! 

This sign cracked us up:
Need a lawyer poolside? Marco! Polo! Marco! . .Polo!

So today we decided to go to Gallipoli after a quick splash at the beach 15 minutes from Nardò. It made me laugh so much to see every inch of sand covered by Italian sunbathers and then to enter into the crystal clear sea and have it almost all to ourselves. When Italians say they love the sea, could they really still mean that they think they look thinner and more attractive when they are tanned like fruit leather? Well, more acqua for us!

looking towards the old city of Gallipoli

Gallipoli is a lot like Miami. The modern part feels identical, in fact. David Guetta and Skrillex are performing at the discos there this summer to give you an idea. The old city is much more charming, but you can see that a lot of construction is going on and the interiors may be completely renewed within a few years and bought out as vacation homes. The tourist shopping trade is strong and we bought some more of this fabulous lemon flavored vinegar that wakes up your palate and makes you shake your head as if to say, amazza-o!

non avere paura, the water is fine!

Then we came home and watched an amazing documentary series called Chef's table. The first episode features Massimo Bottura. If you don't love him and his family after watching it, there is something seriously storta with you. He single handedly saved the parmagiano industry after the 2012 earthquake in Modena. His wife is American and they have a divine partnership that is truly inspiring. 


Anyway, F and I have pretty much decided that in two years we are going to move to Parma. Field trip notes to follow in short order. 

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