Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Love is

The three of us went and dropped off donations to our group on Sunday.

On Monday three really good hearted women from the people-who-are-not-from-Lucca-but-ended-up-in-Lucca group came by to learn more about the African immigration issues and to donate money towards diapers and supplies they need. 

It turns out the new parents in our group, Cool and Jennifer, need a plumber and an exterminator. When we got to their house it was have a serious sewer blockage problem and there were mosquitoes all over the walls. It was a short visit. 

I called today to make sure the landlord was on top of it, but I think we may need to intervene later in the week. 

Jennifer has become a really skilled mother in just three weeks. She did a one handed baby outfit change that took my breath away. She recognized the difference between a cry for a diaper change and the one that said Wisdom would like his milk immediately, grazie very much. She has basically nailed this whole mothering thing and looks really happy, despite the smell and the mosquitoes. And that makes her like ten thousand times better of a person than I am. I admit it. 

Paul called to borrow T's bicycle. I should have volunteered it earlier. It will make getting to and from the restaurant much easier for him and he was thrilled to have it. 

Emmanuel's new lawyer, this will be the third one he has consulted, flaked on him today. So I will speak to this guy who I already don't trust tomorrow because we need to have a contact near, but outside of, the camp so that he can get his permesso renewed again in just six months. If he doesn't get deported before then. If anyone has ever needed a miracle, it's this guy. 

This great student of F said she might be able to get an apartment for Tina so our fingers are crossed for them, too. It is good to know that there are good people out there who do care. For a while, it seemed like the world was so ugly and we were fighting by ourselves. 

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