Friday, May 13, 2016


And then I got a call from Emmanuel from the camp in Calabria to which he was called back to await the results of his appeal after having been denied asylum in Italy. He recounts that the camp Manager Mario said he was going to the police station to pick up Emmanuel's new permesso for him. He came back and said that the police told him that Emmanuel had to go in person. 

Emmanuel asked whether he needed permission to leave the camp location on his own. The manager then thrust a form in front of him that was written in Italian, which Emmanuel can't read. Emmanuel signed it. On his way back from the police station, the camp told him that they were going to throw him out because he had violated the rules about leaving camp on his own without permission.  

I wrote to the lawyers because I did not want to chance a phone call.  

Then I called Paul to tell him what had happened to Cool with the police. Good thing I did because at that moment Paul realized that he had left his wallet on the floor of the job site when he changed his clothes at the end of the day.  

Then I talked to Tina who had her sonogram today. I paid for it because she needs to know what kind of donations to ask for and that, in Italy, means you have to know if it is pink for a girl or blue for a boy. They told her to come back in twenty days because the baby's legs were closed. Yeah, I don't know if I believe them either.  

 Then I talked to Paul again because he did not know that the last bus home to Montecatini from the restaurant is at 10,30 PM so I told him that if he could not get out in time, F could give him a ride home.  

If today had been Friday the 13th, I would now be the most superstitious and insane person you know. Today is actually only the 12th, but I keep asking F if we are maybe getting screwed by the time difference.  

I also planned a newspaper article with Nadia, the reporter for Il Tirreno about what is happening to my group. Nadia had spent an hour with Tina, getting her life story after she promised to hide her identity and not to use any photos. Then we decided that the best way to get her a decent home would be if she asked her pastors who agreed to put down the deposit to come to see the apartments with us because the couple speak fluent Italian. They said they were too busy and told Tina not to talk to Nadia anymore and so that was that. Even without Tina's participation, I think if it were written well, the article could do some good for public education so I told Nadia that I had proposed a meeting with the police commissioner and now we have to just wait and see.  My real work was cancelled today which makes another day where I spent more than I earned, but I can't imagine regretting the fact that I spent money to save people's lives so as long as T is taken care of . . that's how we roll. 

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