Saturday, March 05, 2016

Limping along

Last Saturday we had a truly lovely time with some new friends who happen to be from Boston, but who live in Lucca. The super brave Annmarie had her son here which means her she has balls that would take up at least three seats on a NY subway. Her husband Antonio is a retired State Trooper and her son Antonio is an adorable two year old with almost professional pasta fork twirling skills. We loved how he walked around with full diplomatic immunity, trailing after T like a baby duckling, and translating all the while for those of us who are Italian language challenged. You go, Italian nursery schools!

We had a little Top Chef meltdown that involved putting together an appetizer in 4.2 minutes (feta cheese with olive oil, lemon, peperoncino, shredded arugala, surrounded by the sad looking shredded jalapeno poppers we were going to serve and fried artichokes). Unfortunately, ahimè this got served with saltines. Nothing is sadder than an Italian saltine because those little flat squares don't even have salt on them. Sorry, folks. The rest of the dinner turned out well.

Group of 5 news:

Paul: I forged him a letter saying that the head of the charity demanded that the folks at the police station renew his permesso without postponing another three or four times. And that bad boy worked so I don't care, sue me.

Emmanuel: He called me from Calabria because he was excited that the jacket and toys we sent to his 4-year-old son Precious in Nigeria fit. That sweetie happens to be a perfect size 4 years. The courier service cost us 50 euros, but I say it was well spent. Unfortunately, his lawyer has yet to show up. He wants me to call Precious so I am working up the courage to do that phone call. 

Tina: Her stay permit expires this month and I told her to wait for the meeting with lawyer on Wednesday before she gets pressured into being blackmailed again in the hopes that 200 euros would buy her a letter of hospitality. The catch 22 that not being allowed to get welfare and housing means that even though she was given a permesso for humanitarian reasons, she can't legally renew it. Welcome to Italy. Her partner Job has a sick mother in Nigeria and a plane ticket he has postponed several times because he managed to lose his stay permit when he did not close his pocket while bicycling around. We needed that new development more or less like a hole in the head.

Cool: I got up early to bring Cool's brother to Guamo to get his codice fiscale which he needs to get a job in Italy so that he can pay taxes. He did not return my calls all day. I reached him at night and he said that his brother had told him I canceled which is the opposite of what I said. I told him I would see him in the morning. In the morning I found a different Nigerian guy in front of my house who turned out to be another brother of Cool and who told me that the one who had an appointment with me had fled to Germany the night before. This brother tried to convince me that he understood enough Italian for me to get him a security job, and urged me to give him a pretend job interview to prove the point. When I asked him what job experience he had, he answered yes. So I convinced him that he should take some free Italian lessons with me or at the high school. Then he started saying a bunch of stuff about his begging being a sin. A word which I find to be a real energy suck and which for me has no place in any discussion that does not involve dessert.

Jennifer: I am glad she has so many medical appointments because it means she is getting care throughout her pregnancy, but her schedule has made it a challenge to make the meeting with the lawyer which for now is set for Wednesday. I hope it happens because I had to reschedule 7 phone lessons and write 6 emails and make 37 phone calls to set that up.

The above gorgeous person used her trigger finger on the overwhemed Harvard enrollment site to get her top two course choices for the summer, housing, and financial aid. Watch out world, this girl is taking public speaking with a much loved professor and great political speeches with a professor who was popular back when F was in school and who is badass. The sunset is not bad either.

In limping news, I may have just nerve damage in my feet and not a broken toe. I made this discovery when all of my other toes started hurting and not just the one I assumed was fractured from the pain level, although I didn't do anything to it. Look up menopause and nerve pain if you don't believe me. I went to every shoe store in Lucca outlet week and I discovered that the salespeople could give those who turned up their noses at Julia Roberts when she was still hooking in Pretty Woman a run for their money in an overall snotty attitude competition. This is another joyful symptom of low estrogen during menopause. The internet also let me know that it could take months to recover from the German Barbie dermatologist's acid peel. I know this will come as a shock, but so far, perimenopause sucks.

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