Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jennifer and Cool   First comes love, then comes . . . marriage!
We had time to sort through some clothes from Maria Paola at Brooks Running company for the moms and babies because, as Tina informed us, we had used white people time.  I thought about explaining that I am just anal because I am a daughter of a therapist who used to treat patients on the hour in my childhood home, but I refrained. 
Alas, it turned out that the Italian guy who was officiating the wedding was also punctual, so we ended up only catching the very end of the ceremony. It was like the scene in a rom-com movie where somebody like Drew Barymore or Sascha Baron Cohen stampedes into a wedding scene. At least 90 percent of the people there thought we were lost or were rushing in to object to the holy union. 
Tina didn't come over to the ceremony in the car with us because she had to wait her turn to use her house bathroom and they ran out of water. When she showed up, I hardly recognized her. She looked like she belonged in Beyoncè's Formation video. The three of us actually have a stomach virus. So in my defense, I woke up not like this, but like, well, that. T and I had no idea what to wear, but the general vibe turned out to be that we looked like the behind the scenes crew for a nineties music video that we weren't quite cool enough to be on camera for.
We brought the wedding couple some baby clothings, some women's dresses, an envelope of cash, and a bag full of yams, which if the internet has not mislead us, a traditional wedding gift. We checked out that last fact with Job in the car on the way to the ceremony. When he finally understood what we were saying he started laughing and was like yeah, that's traditional alright, did you also bring a goat?
I got so much side eye at the party that I could pretty much get a sponsorship deal from Visine. T asked me if we were ever going to have the kind of life where the people in the room with us have the same set of life experiences. Then we laughed and looked at each other like Nope. We cracked up a few times when we realized that not only was she the only one in her class at a Nigerian wedding this weekend or ever. A bunch of her classmates were dying eggs and polishing their hardly used church shoes, while we were the odd duck wedding crashers pissing off various parents at a house party by unequally distributing the balloon decorations amongst the child guests, thus setting off a series of tussles and crying jags.        
I was happy to see that Jennifer liked the bouquet we picked out.
We loved it when some female guests basically moved me over so she could get some snaps. Everyone kept saying, let me get a snap. This was the best snap!
Hanging out in front of the Comune of Montecatini.
Jennifer and Tina are true beauties.
On the left is Osas and then comes Job with his collar all turned up and the shades staying on.
Paul and Stanley
K, Tina, T
Lining up at the window for plates of food.

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