Monday, February 22, 2016

Group of Five, except now there are eight

This really nice lady from South Africa collected all these darling baby clothes for Jennifer and Tina so we called Cool and Job and made an appointment to meet at their place in Montecatini. I cannot emphasize how beautiful and new the baby clothes are. We were able to give each woman a giant bag of baby clothes of all different sizes for boys and girls. They served us the most delicious rice, I've ever eaten. At first I was worried about eating up their dinner, but they worked hard to make us something special and they wanted us to have it, so I went for it.

Unfortunately, their residence is filled with dangerous wires, leaky pipes, mouldy surfaces, holes, and everything I would not want for them. Just total squallor. It was heartbreaking. We also gave them our neighbors' dresser that they were throwing away. In addition to the two couples, we found a perfect jacket for Paul. And while Emmanuel is back at his camp in Calabria we are going to try to send his four-year-old son Precious a letter from him and a toy to let him know that he is thinking about him in Nigeria.

Tina + 1, Job, Cool, & Jennifer + 1
Job, Cool, T & F
dangerous wires
more wires sticking out everywhere
the kind of filth that you can't clean
really terrible mould everywhere - a health hazard
This is where the water pump lives to get water into the leaky pipes.
leaky pipes

This is obviously not the best environment for anyone, let alone new babies. Really, really Caritas, I hope you do the right thing. And to the slum lord who takes money for this accomodation, I hope you get what's coming to you. That's it. Arrivederci, Brooklyn.

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