Saturday, January 30, 2016

Smays like potty

This is what I'm dealing with here.

I managed to offend two dear friends who wanted to get together with us on a Saturday night. The first friend had written me several times to try to get us to decide on a film for our film night. Finally we chose something everyone was happy with and it was all set. Then friend number two called who has been trying to have us over for almost three months, but her husband kept getting sick. When they stopped by to see the house the other weekend I had to throw them out because my student came early and I may have gotten the time wrong. It was awful. I proposed everyone just come to our house to have a movie party as to be as all inclusive as possible. T has a physics test to study for and she wanted to see the film, but without getting home too late. Perfetto.

 But I underestimated how much friend number two wanted to host us. Then friend number one's husband got a fever, and I mentioned it to friend number two who said under no circumstances could her husband be around someone who had a fever. Friend number one wrote to say that her husband was feeling better and could come over. Friend number two also invited a friend we have in common who is taking me for my check up at the gynecologist, the Italian Betty White, before the dinner. And, yes, the idea of this also makes me lose my appetite. Especially for pizza, for some reason. Let's not overthink that. Anyway, I had to tell friend number one that we had to reschedule and tell friend number two that we could go back to the original plan and eat at hers. Then I got a whatsapp message from friend number three where she said: I hope you don't have plans because I am bringing a bunch of friends over to your house tonight for dinner.
Even in English, I am pretty sure I don't have the social finesse necessary to cope with Saturday night in Lucca.

Our neighbors tell us to prepare ourselves because the bar across the courtyard is going to start getting wild pretty soon as the weather improves and that we are going to have to start dealing with noise issues again. I am going to be miserable. I feel stupid. But hell no, we can't possibly move again. Ironically the noise issue I have now is from them because their television keeps sending a ghostly echo through the wall behind my bed. I asked Stefania, the Martha Stewart of Italy, if she could send her husband Luca up to investigate and it turned out that they have an open fireplace that ends up in the hollow area of our bedroom wall. Then he countered by telling us that he hears every step we take and there is nothing anyone can do about it. He followed this admission with an ominous dinner invitation that we had to accept for next Saturday night even though that is when we should host friend number one.

In group of five news, I got Tina the free prenatal care information she wanted and I gave Paul 100 euros that Catherine had donated for them. There was no way to put it off. He is absolutely terrorized at the amount of debt he has amassed since the money he has collected begging is not covering his rent and utility bills.

Like I can't.
I told my class that the American equivalent of cioè or c'è (which is teenager speak used by everyone) is like and then I couldn't stop saying like. And one student suggested I start saying you know just to shake things up.

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