Sunday, January 17, 2016

Elfing it up
Remember when I made a faux pas at the high school open house when T was still in middle school and we had to tour the schools so she could decide on a path for her higher education? Well, when it came time for us to look at the school with the most tremendous reputation for its high difficulty level, strict teaching methods, severe grading system, and rigorous enforcement of Latin and Greek studies -- I was sure T would never choose such a grueling path. Middle school was no picnic, and she had the option to go to the linguistics school where she could concentrate on studying English and basically make a holiday of it. I had to admit that the Harry Potteresque setting of the Liceo Classico was extremely cool as was the natural history museum with its real mummy and taxidermy displays; but it was cold as a witch's tit (and drafty!) and neither F nor I could understand what the professors were saying. All we knew for sure was that some of the parents, who were also alumni, had never let up on their exemplary skills in the art of ostentatious culo/tushy kissing. Even total outsiders like us could understand what their game plan was.

yes, that is a three-legged cock.

Well, my favorite part of the story is when, during the museum tour, I became so overcome by a fit of giggles at the earnest attempts of the dutiful students to give us a historical background of the artifacts and just the extreme likeness to Hogwarts that I went all in and started yelling "Free the Elves!" at the top of my voice and running around checking to see if the students were real or if they had wind up devices emerging from their spines.

It is with great pride that last night, we had a full circle moment, and T became one of those dutiful elves and shared a ton of historical information about the museum with other unsuspecting parents. Live and learn, right? 


A further victory was won when we got some of the packages and mail we were waiting for since Thanksgiving and Christmas time, including Paul's health card! I actually was moved to tears today when a friend of ours, who we were very sad to learn is leaving Lucca, left a generous donation for my Nigerian clients that might very well prevent them from becoming homeless this year. 

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