Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A New Year in DEED

2016, weird, but true
This year has gotten off to a weird start. 

It is a bit of a haze, but I believe we picked out two couches for the living room. It involved asking our landlord if we could ditch his couches and he initially said yes, but then after we purchased new couches he may have had a bit of a panic about it, in which he sent us a link to show us what good quality his couches were thirty years ago. The problem is that my back goes out every time I try to teach a lesson while siting on them for more than half an hour because the back has sunk down lower than the front of the seat. It is a dark, rather heavy color steel blue for the room, and it is really stained. We turned to our friends at Dinelli & Rossi for help and young furniture Skywalker, Jacopo, quickly understood that my need for streamlined and modern could only mean one thing: legs made out of glass panels that make the couch look like it is flying. In order to afford these beauties, I had to sacrifice on having arms. Are arms really important? Don't answer that. We aren't going to have any. Also we would have a limited choice of colors. I didn't trust myself all of the sudden and found myself begging Governor Leia, who is Jacopo's mother, to come and choose for me. She was less decisive than usual so I became more decisive and then when she left, I doubted everything all over again. Surely, it was stupid of me to bother her with such frivolous decisions when the fate of the interior design empire rests on her weary, well-coiffed head.

It is called air. It is the hoverboard of couches minus that unwanted spontaneous combustion feature. 
So far nobody I have spoken to really believes that I can help immigrants find jobs in Lucca. Any conversation I start can be quickly shut down just by using the word assicurazione/insurance because it floods the conversation with more red tape than Martha Stewart's home office at Christmas. I offered to take two people to get their health cards, but they were really worried about collecting enough money to make rent at the end of the month so they asked if we could go the following month. I offered to take Paul to get his stay permit renewed, but he asked me if we could put that off until he pays off some guy to let him use his address. I asked him if he knew that the people who agree to live in the tents and be followed by the Red Cross get some kind of stipend so they don't have to beg, but he said that he has a friend who does that and he only gets 70 euros a month, about 20 euros every eight days. So ... no.
Notice the cool, furry chair F made.
T had her photo taken by a professional. The photographer is from Boston and has been living her for three years. She is doing a portrait project using a different volunteer model every week for 52 weeks. It came out stunning didn't it?

T has given me an education about other forms of social media like Instagram and Tumblr. I find it to be a world of inflated lips, over-contouring, and a lot of effort to look carefree, which are all forces from the dark side (what is it with all of these Star Wars references invading my brain? I never saw past the first two films.) anyway there are also pleasing opportunities for voyurism, creative design, and a giggle that I am going to experiment with for now. At the very least, it has upped our photography game for the blog.

p.s. Without sounding too american politicsy or bible-belt, T helped me come up with a name for my immigrant rights organization. We are temporarily going with Acta Non Verba which means deeds not words. So hashtag that you old bureaucrats!

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