Sunday, December 20, 2015

La Nostra Squadra/#Squadgoals

Before the party, we played a trick on T and switched the smaller version of the tree for a bigger one. We were happy to do it as it gave us an excuse to give the other tree to Paul who was thrilled. T didn't notice for at least twelve hours which we teased her about mercilessly.

A perfect fit!
I ran out to the famous monthly antiques fair to slobber over this nice man's rugs (that sounds wROng) and to purchase a bench for our ingresso/entryway. We hid some little fabric cubes underneath to store our shoes. It was great to have hooks (not shown) and a coat rack so that the whole night wasn't spent taking people's coats and returning them at the end.

This Tibetan prayer rug costs a fortune, but wow.


We were relieved that our Italian friends gobbled up the Indian style pizzas happily -- a red one with figs and peas, a yellow curry with cauliflower and potatoes, and a green one with cima di rapa and paneer.

In total, F made more than a dozen pies come out of our little Barbie oven, one after the other.

Our friend Gabriella was so sweet when she pointed out to everyone that having a view of the back of the angel of San Michele is supposed to bring people good luck in Lucca.

I managed to make a little toast to our friends (our team) in Italian. I had to do it because they deserved to know how wonderful they are. We were sorry some really important ones had the flu, but now that we have the technique down, we can have many more celebrations in 2016.
T and Giorgia

Admiring the view.

And check out this cool cake that my friend Ian in New York gave us the idea for. It had real LED lights inside to make a welcoming winter scene and the cake was from our new favorite momofuku recipe.

la torta illuminata :) arrivederci & auguri, Brooklyn!


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