Monday, December 07, 2015

I CAN'T EVEN . . .
Italian gym class  
In what can only be deemed extremely questionable judgment, timing, and taste, T's school took her to a shooting range -- Tiro a Segno Lucca -- for gym class. They really did. After a rather intense discussion, we decided, in the end, to let her go. We are for gun control and, really, the elimination of guns altogether, but we decided that since we must acknowledge their existence in the world, now more than ever, it might make sense to demystify them. That day after school her classmate's American mom emailed us to ask if we thought it was off the f*cking wall batsh*t crazy, but she put it really nicely. We assured her that it was.

 photos stolen from online

I hope ladeadellacaccia is not upset about my stealing the photos.
The flyer she brought home had this illustration on it:

Are guns in Italy completely different than they are in the U.S.?

In not totally unrelated news, I put the fear into the geometra, who I actually really like, from the old apartment because he was sent by the old landlord to make me sign an agreement about the energy company agreements and the deposit. I basically told him (in Italian!) that in America we would have already organized a group lawsuit against his boss for poisoning all the tenants with mould poisoning, and that if I ever hear from them again I will do the American thing and contact a lawyer and the newspapers. No more Signora Nice Guy. He agreed with me, by the way. Man, that snoopy image is disturbing, though.

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