Saturday, December 26, 2015

And so it twas

It was a long road . . . but in the end we got the windows done and the sweets delivered. This year we gave out sweets to Paul and some other African immigrants that we met this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring any of them to get their health cards before Christmas because they need to pay rent out of money that they beg off people, and the end of the month is always an anxious time for them. We will try again at the beginning of next month.
St. Stefano hard at work on the last two windows.
This is a secret location. We could tell you where it is but then . .

we'd have to make windows out of you. . .
 We tried three different times to make cookie cups that were supposed to end up like this:

(yeah right, stop showing off, pinterest . . .)
The last attempt kept us up and frustrated beyond belief until two in the morning. They came out thick and heavy and cement-like:

 So we went to something we know is good:

Good ol' s'mores cupcakes!

YUM! And we gave them out at the ortofrutta, the farmacia, the erboista, and all the usual places. . .
This is Giuliano (also known as our fioraio) and his new-ish grandson.
T and il bimbo did a Tibetan peace loving salute.   

When I saw the bulldog at COIN casa
even though I didn't know whether it was a store decoration

I knew T had to have it!

She wasn't expecting it but

when I saw

her reaction
I knew
 I was RIGHT!

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