Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Get-to-Know-You Lunch

Our new landlords have their own lovely home in the Tuscan countryside. They kindly invited us for lunch and made us a vegetarian farro with roasted vegetables and let us dip F's homemade bread into their exquisite spicy olive oil. My only rules for F were not to speak about religion or politics or anything controversial. We were up late at a party the night before and got only a few hours of sleep. Everyone was very weird and intense at the party and only when F mentioned that people kept passing him cigarettes for him to refuse, did we figure out why everyone was so loopy. We took T out of school early because we felt that the success of this luncheon was that important.

This is the moment when our new landlady told us she really hated big, fat people.

OH how we laughed!

This is T and I wishing that Amy Schumer would pop out from behind a bush.

The house has a lot of playboy style pin up pictures in it and it is number one on Trip Advisor. Not for nothing . . 
We hope to move in to the new city apartment next weekend in time for T's birthday.

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