Thursday, October 08, 2015

Onwards and crazy words

What is going on with this year? There is nothing easy about it. I lost a major job contract because, when I was turning away students due to my mistaken belief that my evening schedule was full, I didn't realize that the course I had committed to had not made that same commitment to me. There weren't enough students registered through the agency and they canceled it. Now I am scrambling to make a new plan.

On the commitment front, F and I bought each other new wedding rings. Mine was making a painful indentation in my finger that was leading to nerve pain. That can't be good, right? Symbolism aside. He had lost his before we moved to Italy when it fell down a drain he was cleaning back in Brooklyn. He had replaced it with something that had an unfortunate resemblance to a coca cola pull top. We don't have money for these things really, but magical thinking is my friend. We picked out new ones on Etsy. I love Etsy. And, trust me, that b*tch is getting paid.

T had her three month check up at the children's hospital in Florence and everything went well. She got to see her two roommates from the camp and they had a fun time catching up. She wrote an article for the school newspaper on the Republican primary debate and then had to re-write it a bunch of times to allow for the fact that most of her schoolmates had no idea that presidential elections are even happening soon in America. In fact, the only player who has any game here is Trump. He makes everyone feel better about themselves and less ashamed of the Berlusconi years. So that's something.

Garth Williams rules.
My last lesson with Roberto for the year is scheduled for this Friday. I will miss having my little Robin Hood guy as a student. He says that he will think about resuming lessons after he retires this summer. He is making it extra tough on me by being really cute. We have spent the last weeks where he reads Charlotte's Web to me in English and I read Il Telo di Carlotta to him in italiano. If you can imagine Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Pather reading Charlotte's Web to you, mangling the poor vowels in an almost violent attack on every vowel sound he can choke the life out of while he chuckles about how naive Wilbur is. I mean if he weren't paying me, I would pay him.

F and I got a horrible cold that has a two week life span with the first three days being the worst. My version came with a fever and has left me rather ragged. I actually had to stand on the opposite side of the room from Roberto yesterday and yell out the words for manure, hay, and hired man at him in Italian between coughing fits. I was no Fern.

Carino, baby.

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