Thursday, October 29, 2015

oh English 
K, Natasha, T, Giorgia: our English speaking crew reunited pre-Comics
My little girl student Elisabetta loves animals and it is the only way to get her to speak English so I was thrilled that there was a dog marathon on the walls of Lucca during her lesson time. The second half of the lesson was us walking home from the marathon while she gave me real estate advice about what kind of apartment we should look for next.

Elisabetta pointed to a pair of giant dog balls (the kind that are attached to a dog) and asked me what they were for.  I could not figure out a decent answer in Italian that would not scar her or get me fired.

So far we have seen a perfectly perfect apartment that was ruined by the "top" architect in Lucca's Willy Wonka-esque idea of what style Liberty means in terms of furnishings and a landlady who refused to let us redecorate. I went to see the apartment and thought I could disguise the crazy zebra painting and the wonky whimsical shaped furniture and the strange built in storage units in pastel shades of plastic laminate with cloud and rocket ship shaped knobs on them. I got the real estate agent's hopes way up and then I brought F and my friend Patrizia to come see it and they let me know that there was no way to disguise the ugliness. F managed to offend the real estate agent which is really a feat for a man of so few words, but I was happy that he decided to play the bad cop.

Why oh why did you put this in the middle of the bedroom, lady?

Even Patrizia thought the liberty style was too much and she is very pro-liberty.
As I was preparing for a new English course, I came across some videos.

This one seems like a cry for help to Hoarders Anonymous:

And this one seems like Austin Powers became an English teacher:

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