Friday, September 04, 2015

This is how I get into trouble . .

Today we did some interactive lessons at the new English school. The main thing that I discovered is that I am really a perv. Let me explain.

Why is it that the second I put on giant headphones with a mike, my voice gets all silky and all I can think about is phone sex and truckers? To be fair, it was a lesson on transportation vocabulary. I did turn to F mid-lesson, however, to mouth, "Time Warner Cable; This is Cassie speaking." We think we're hilarious.

Hi there, trucker.

The other hilarious thing is that we are dirt poor and yet I have turned down two jobs so far this Fall.  I refused to get paid 30 euros an hour for four hours of work on Tuesday mornings, teaching yet another pack of the all over the place yoots/youth apprentices because last time it made me ask existential questions. Specifically, I remember asking myself questions like why don't I just work at a toll booth if my suicide rate probability is going to go up that incrementally after only four hours? Then, ironically, today I decided to turn down four hours of work during the same exact window on Tuesday mornings. where they want to pay less than half of that figure. Sue me, but I happen to believe that teaching English should pay more than I earned as a babysitter for the Glassers when I was in middle school. I am the Naomi F-ing Campbell of English teachers: I won't get out of bed for less than 19 euros an hour. This sounds like something I say right before I start saying, "Would you like fries with that, signora?" Yet, there we are.

In more important news: T came home from what I am going to call the Camp situation or Camp Situation. She had a great time. She loved her roommates. The food was not vegetarian friendly. The hotel was luxurious and had real trees. She climbed mountains. She zip-lined down one. She fed goats. She swam. She's worried she'll never get all of her homework done. But, all in all, she's glad she did it.

The train station

Goodbye roomie!

The gang

There's T in the skull shirt.

Their insulin pumps have a mascot lion. He's pretty darn cute.

Trees inside the glass inside the room. Trippy!

Camp selfie: Nailed it.

Florentine roommates. Yay team!

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Sandy said...

That's a hell of a story:) Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun there in Italy #Imjealous