Wednesday, August 26, 2015

L'ospite e' . . .
My mother came to see us in Italy for the past three days. According to my friend Patrizia, three days is the perfect amount of time to have guests. More about that later.

The wait at the airport was tense because we knew that her plane had been delayed for several hours. All the other New Yorkers who got off the plane and made it through custom before my mother were grumbling and complaining.
There's no tension like an Italian who is waiting for something's tension.
This is F's shot from over my head at the arrivals gate. We stood there like that for 30 minutes. I lost about 2 chili in sweat.

 But she got here all spry and chipper.
And did some drop by mothering. . .

and in person back to school shopping . . .

 Then my mother met my friend Patrizia who was thrilled that she wasn't fat as she had unexplicably feared she might be. She said she thought all American mothers were obese. She had heard something about that on the news.

Guarda! Una mamma american ma snella come un giunco!

 They had a really long conversation for people who do not, in effect, speak the same language or have anything in common except for the fact that they both don't speak each other's language.

The above shows the actual amount of food my mother consumes in a day.
Charlie's Angels: It's never too late

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