Sunday, August 30, 2015

1. This week a new prospective employer told me that I had to go to the anagrafe/city hall to get a document saying that I am not a pedophile (or a paedophile for that matter). It is called an atto di notorieta' of all things. And when she told me that, my one and only thought was: To get into Italy I had to provide my FBI file showing that I have no criminal history soooo. . when in the last five years would I ever have possibly had time to become a pedophile??

2. The new English school that we are probably going to work at is all operated by a computerized system with codified numbered lessons so that the teachers really don't have to think that much. My first thought was: What if the computer system breaks down? And I just found out that IT JUST DID.

3. I did an English homework session with my 12 year old twin students where I taught them to remove their Itanglish accent by pronouncing all their grammar exercises aloud in the breathy voice of a sexy Marilyn Monroe. And they did great. Except now they think that's how we speak and they say everything like that. It is all very Happy Birthday, Mr. President; the pencil is on the desk.

Also, instead of complimenting them by calling them geniuses: aquile! I called them aquilone: kites! Perfect. Sigh.

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