Wednesday, August 05, 2015

For a good time call . . .
Today we took T and some of her friends to Florence because one of her friends has an older brother who needed to get laid. I hate to be blunt, but there was no other good reason to drive 50 minutes away when it is swelteringly hot outside if you are not going to a beach or something.

Anyway, he needed privacy and the girls needed something to do. Although I said that they were old enough to start taking the train to Florence by themselves, F and I thought the girls should have a parentally guided orientation on how to get from the train station to Santa Maria Novella without looking like lost tourists.

 The funniest part about this whole story, if you don't find it hysterical that F and I walked around in 40 degrees celsius and 100 degrees farenheit for over two hours while the girls window shopped, is that we gave this guy like four hours of privacy; and if I remember anything about teenage boys, he probably only needed four minutes.

God, I hope it looks like this is my ride.

 F and I also went around looking for vintage leather director's chairs. We didn't find any, but tomorrow I will reveal the totally illegal kitchen rental makeover. It is pretty fab.

The girls. Find me to be a total embarrassment.

Le ragazze. Find me to be a total embarrassment.

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