Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vintage Mamma K
Today we were going to take a walk to the Vondelpark so that we could go hear a concert, but as we were setting out, it started raining again. There is rain off and on in the forecast for our last days in Amsterdam. It is just chilly enough that we are all just a wee bit too constantly cold. Given the precipitation situation, we ditched the concert and I made the girls go back to the big shopping street to pick out hoodies and tights so that I know they will be cozy. Right after the girls snuck off to go on one of their secret errands (don't panic, I believe that it at most involved some extracurricular sweet and savory items), F noticed a chalk written sign on the street. It announced that there was a closing sale for neighborhood vintage store called My Little Shop. I came out looking like this:

The coat, pockets not included, was only five euros! The sunglasses were only ten and are from a cool style brand called NHTK - Nobody Has To Know whose concept is No SIze, No Gender. Just Try It. You can find them and all of their stylish goodies on a street with a ton of vowels in it. Here's my third attempt at writing them all in the correct order for you: It is Ceintuurbaan 320 1072GM.

P.S. This outfit doesn't even get a double glance in De Pijp.

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