Saturday, July 25, 2015

the cafe is vondelbar, no?


Today while my gang went bike riding, I just vondelled around the Vondelpark. (If vondelling is not a verb, it should be. It certainly shouldn't solely be a reference to a 17th century author whose first name was Joost.) The point is, if you are 45 years old and have never had a good experience on a bicycle. I don't think a family vacation is a good time to start. It's like moving furniture manually -- completely unnecessary. I think I got some good photos for you, though.

 F said everyone had a great time, even if a certain daughter-like person was a bit grumpy when it came time for me to take her photo. Hence the eye rolling. She managed to look gorgeous anyway.

 There were tons of exotic birds and people in OG track suits whose skulls were obscured by the degree of smoke coming up from their prime quality ganja cigarettes. There was also a huge treehouse, a pond with giant skipping stones, massive fountains, a rainbow colored flower garden and several other surprises. People do the craziest things on their bicycles. I saw one guy full out playing his guitar, another having a picnic, and this one woman was about to give birth. It is quite the scene.

Yeah, I thought the same thing. How powerful is the second hand smoke in this park?



Famous eye roll happening.

This is the- this -better- be- the- last- shot shot.
So I took a few more.

This is the funeral scene for T's Doc Martens.

There are trampolines in the street in front of our place.



arrivederci brooklyn!

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