Monday, July 27, 2015

Sorry, Matisse.
Today I found a website with minute by minute Amsterdam weather reports. T fought with me about the validity of such a thing, and yet I did not get wet and dodged not one, but two storms.

During a storm lull, we went to check out the Matisse and friends at the Stedlijk Museum.

This was my favorite even though it wasn't by Matisse. Sorry, Matisse.

Breakfast in bed, anyone?
A study in wardrobe selection perhaps.
Yes, that's what the girls "saw."
T & co. were struck by this pop art while I was
rather tickled by this unknown woman's straddling of the bench.
I am a stinker, I know. But in all of my years, I've never seen anyone male or female straddle a museum bench.
I made a comment to T (in Italian) about it.
Then I walked away, stinker that I am.
The girls waited on line for a long time to enter one at a time into this art installation of a little house with people in it whose faces were made of clocks. It is actually a famous piece by Ed Kienholz. Most people stayed in there for three minutes. Giorgia booked out of there after 30 seconds like she had seen a ghost.
There was some performance art that rather startled onlookers as it was without preamble, introductions, or announcement of any kind. I am sure that this is something that I am just too stinker-ish to appreciate, but it made me feel the same way I feel when a really drunk girl squats and pees on the street. I'm not sure that is what the artists were going for, but if they were, they really hit the nail on the head.

This piece is called Normal Position.
No, really it is.
We're not sitting because we're excited that there is a bench and we're exhausted from walking ten miles a day. It's just that we wanted to study the picture featured below at length. 

Okay, okay. We just wanted to sit down. So sue us.
I pick the worst times to turn into a fourth grade boy. Sorry, Matisse.

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