Monday, July 20, 2015

Rainy painy sunday
Today was a lazy Sunday. Giorgia hurt her neck very badly doing absolutely nothing. I believe she cricked it getting up from a reclining position.

 I massaged, I called parents; F made tea (she's part British), F bought ibuprophen; the girls put her shoes and socks on for her. And then I did the best thing: I forced her to watch Flipping Out, a reality tv program on Bravo. Distraction heals all things. And then I did the second best thing and took her to the bag and purse museum. In case you don't believe me; here is photo evidence:

Natasha looks so Vermeer.
This is the Madonna Versace bag. You're welcome.

This is a chicken bag for Marcy Dermansky.

The ticket lady warned us that the temporary exhibit were ugly bags (she pronounced it ooogly) and that it was a matter of taste. I didn't know what to think. It turned out she meant they were literally part of the Ugly exhibit.

That is a fish ass purse. Look it up in the Urban Dictionary.


Bad case of crabs.
We went for tea and the fancy Legend Grand Hotel, but the reviewer lady from refinery29 must have been stoned when she wrote the pinterest suggestion because the cool lounge area that I wanted to take them to was not the same as the bar or garden where drinks are served so we snuck off and went . . .

to this place instead:

De Taart van m'n Tante

The girls si sono proprio abuffatte /scarfed down those cakes.


No Giorgias were injured in the making of this photo. She just must be feeling better. Phew!

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