Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Now that's cheesy
Today we did our best to answer the question: Can you ever eat enough cheese? In the name of research, we signed up for a cheese tasting class at Reypenaer and it was worth every penny.
Our fearless cheese leader is up there wearing the apron. He was great.
I have to say that I consider myself a foodie, but I was completely shocked by how different the aftertaste of the cheese is when it is paired with the right wine. I have never experienced anything like it.  An aged goat cheese turned into butterscotch on the tongue when it was sipped with red wine afterwards. It was food alchemy at its finest. Our teacher joked that he would not accept grades lower than five out of ten on the cheese ratings card. He said we were meant to use our senses to describe each selection, but then we stole most of his words to fill in the categories because after awhile your brain becomes a little melted over a cracker.

We let T and her friends have a little wine. They live in Italy for goodness' sake.
The girls really took it all in. Natasha was in charge of the cheese guillotine and she still emerged with all of her fingers intact.
 The women in front of me added greatly to my enjoyment as they seemed to have stepped right out of the movie Bridesmaids with less mess, but with all of the giggling and inappropriateness that was needed to make the hour really fun.
Oh the fun snarkiness of it all!
A young fair haired American woman in the very front was really annoying because she claimed she didn't like cheese; but the joke was on her because the lesson while fairly priced, is not cheap, and the ratings card became a 15% discount for the cheese shop afterwards!

Hee-hee. That guy in the white tee looks like he is hanging on to the cheese board for dear life.

 We saw some pretty crazy and beautiful things walking around Amsterdam.

And then there was this stylish family. I made F pretend to get a call on his cell so he could snap them surrepticiously.

Vogue-ishly Delicious!

Yay! We went to the most fabulous trim and ribbons store in the Jordaan called Passementerie, I believe. I wanted some trim for that new vintage 5 euro coat I scored. I also want to add trim to some boring long sleeved shirts back home to turn them into Free People style tops for my vertically challenged arms.


Me & my girl
 I don't think the girls will miss my whiplashing my head around and yelling at them to step lively and making sure that they didn't get his by speeding cyclists or crazy beer bikes.
Everyone stay safe out there! Don't forget to look both ways and try not to inhale very deeply! (Being a mom is exhausting.)

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