Sunday, July 19, 2015

Market day 
Today we took a ferry to the famous IJ Hallen flea market. It was actually chilly outside here while our home exchangers are sweltering away in boiling hot Tuscany.

 We had lunch at an awesome location called Pllek where it seemed all of the wait staff was completely stoned except for this one guy who served the whole enormous place with practically with no help from his peers. It was like freeze tag and he was it. The food was scrumptious for all of us who have taste buds and brains that are still intact.
Sandwich of the day: eggplant spread with pomegranate seeds and feta cheese on whole grain bread. T got toasted almonds on hers just because the chef was probably stoned too.

I had the herb salad with fried and grilled artichokes (some of each cause, you know, stoned people) and a romesco sauce.
The restaurant was right on the beach.
They had a hammock.
We had some hair issues.

Still struggling.

Eating some hair.

Good lord.

Why am I looking down?

I'll help you. Don't touch me. Be nice.

Almost . . .

Nailed it.

The incriminating shot of Natasha lying belly up on the sand was too blurry unfortunately; but trust us -- it was hillarious. These girls are beautiful, but really uncoordinated.

but uncoordinated.
And also beautiful.

 We also went to the American Book Center. T was in heaven. Without naming any names, the blonds looked at books involving consciousness, fashion,  and the male anatomy in 3D.

T convinced us to let her buy a book that was gift wrapped to stop you from judging it on anything except from three excerpted phrases. I'm so glad I raised an opened minded and voracious reader. (She better read that sixteen euros worth of book or I'll break both her legs. Just kidding.)

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