Thursday, July 23, 2015

HAMSTERdam fur real
When T was little I may have gone a little overboard on ebay once or twice obsessing over doll house stuff and fairies and all things miniature that would be fun to play with. When you're home all day with anyone under the age of ten, you have to have fun yourself or it will show.

So today we went to the library to see the Mouse Mansion/Het Muizenhuis by Karina Schaapman who has created the book series Sam & Julia. The whole library is a place that T would have loved when she was five. Today there was just a lot of eye rolling. Like I said, sometimes you have to have fun yourself.

This morning F and I took a stroll in the De Pijp neighborhood and sat in the sunshine. We were all disappointed to find out that it is pronounced like "pass dah pipe" instead of a cute mousie "deh pip." But oh well!

I'm so happy. T is not amused.


This is Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze mouse in Ghost. Do you UNDERSTAND?? They even have the little clay mouse phallic symbols. I love Amsterdam. . I mean Hamsterdam.

They have a LOOM for heaven's sake.

THis is from the reality show HOARDERS: MICE EDITION.

Italian soccer mice!

I want the book!

Cobbler mouse.

F found a friend.

Giorgia reclining
Natasha and the cubs
My bunny with bunnies.

Three more years and I'll let you go to college.

Natasha is such a good sport.

Friends help in these situation where your mother really embarrases you.

After a 30 second sit down at the sky lounge where they offer a 6 euro coffee we took in the lovely view and high tailed it to Starbucks.

The barista girl called F by his new Dutch moniker Fresia to let him know his beverages were ready. We laughed & laughed.

Then we kitsched it up some more at some other kitschy stores like Kitsch Kitchen.

If I wasn't planning on ditching Lucca Comix this year, I know what I'd be wearing.

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