Friday, July 17, 2015

(H)amsterdam: a first impression
F and I spent three solid days cleaning every crevice of our house and weeks fixing things up. Too bad we can't say the same for the lady we exchanged houses with. I was hysterically tense yesterday and not just because I bashed my head on the metal part of the stendipanni where we lay out the wet laundry. I went to the hair parlour afterwards and my friend who washed my hair asked me why one side of my head was higher than the other. Then I had an eight hour long stiff neck and migraine headache while I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and organized and got the girls organized and nagged F. I am a delight. You love me.

 Anyway, we made it through the whole 135 euro taxi ride to the airport with a sweet lady and excellent driver named Michela who obliged me in being chatty so I wouldn't have to think too much about all of the bad things that might happen or whether I had a concussion. We took a train to a tram and when we finally got to the artistic loft-slash-really not well cleaned and falling apart apartment, I was a tad crest fallen. Hopefully, the girls will like glamping it up in their little garden house.

The home exchange people have a cat. It's name is named, and I kid you not, Freek. I'm not even freeking kidding you about that.
I'm super freeky.
We walked around and found a not very nice top of the line supermarket and a not very nice top of the line drug store and then I followed Natasha and T so they could go jogging in a nearby park. I'm not letting teenage girls go jogging in a park I don't know so I followed them and didn't let them go through the woodsy footbridge on the second pass. F took Giorgia home so she could get a head start on getting ready for dinner since it turns out this arrangement has only one bathroom and a really weird shower that is neither a stall or a tub. It is just a faucet and a drain. F and I don't have a real bed. We have a choice of three lofts. Two are unreasonably small and one is in the middle right across from the only bathroom. Also F is a meter 90 or six foot four and he is claustrophobic.

We went out for Ethiopian/Eritrean food at a nice spot and I bought a cheap fringy jacket to keep my spirits up.

Hamsterdam is what Natasha's little sister Sophia thought Amsterdam was named because it was lived in by many many hamsters. Alas there are just a lot of really stoned people who ride bicycles really fast and keep their front doors open while they drink wine with their friends on their stoop. Oddly enough their are a lot of young families where obviously mostly little people have to fend for themselves and try not to get run over by really high cyclists.So far this was a great idea. Only thirteen days to go. Not sober. Not doing this sober.

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