Monday, July 20, 2015

Exceeding expectations
My daughters real and faux started out the day with a jog in the park this morning first thing. Well, the blonds sat and watched the brunette jog, but one of the blonds had on stunning new jogging sneakers. Meanwhile, F and I hit the Albert Cuypmarkt to scout out fresh teas, cheeses, bread and some other odds and ends, including a few little presents for all the girlies. So sue me.

Then we all went out to Yoghurt Barn for lunch. It is a lovely, peaceful, place where you can choose from array of healthy toppings to put on your bio-organic yogurt like goji berries, fresh fruit like mangoes and berries, nuts and honey.  I had dried figs and walnuts and it was absolutely satisfying. I was sure the blonds would have opted for the naughty brownie bites, but, apparently, I am being a good influence.

Nutritious & Delicious.

 After lunch, we walked to the nine streets/negen straatjes district. We mapped out an area for the girls to explore on their own with a map and made a meeting place to find each other after 90 minutes. They had no problems at all because Giorgia has a good sense of orientation, Natasha is a good little street crosser, and T always knows what time it is (when she wants to).

 I was excited to go to one store in particular called MeCHICas --and for once the hype did not disappoint. I was drawn to this photo --the rights to which absolutely do not belong to me as I stole the image from Pinterest and the nine streets website-- because, you know, bohemian embellishments are irresistable to me.
MeCHICas -- Go There!!!
The lady in the photo who looks like a cross between Salma Hayek, Heather Graham, and Jennifer Lawrence turns out to be a real person. She makes all of the drop dead beautiful jewelry and accessories in the shop. I didn't get to meet her in real life because she was off visiting her parents with her dogs in another part of Holland. I did get to meet her boyfriend Maikel, however. Sorry, if that's not how you spell your name at all, fella. I bought enough things so that he felt like he had to say yes when I asked him to take a photo with me. That's how I do.

Anyway, he told me that he and ms. beautiful live upstairs on six floors of small, but adorable and, I imagine, impeccably designed living spaces. He looked only slightly aghast when I told him that if he didn't play his cards right, I would sweep his girlfriend off his feet so I could wear her jewelry forever and live in that romantic-al apartment, sipping coffee and occasionally playing with the dogs.

But there is F looking very cute at me so maybe I'll leave the jewelry lady be. You haven't seen F in a good long time because I always make him take all the pictures. But there he is looking especially cutie.

F suggested that we sit and dangle our feet because I am obsessed with all of the carefree foot danglers in this part of the world. I waved at the people on the above pictured boat, but they didn't wave back because they are not five years old. Note to self: Wave at younger people.

 F in Tecno-color. Look at him all carefree and foot dangly.
 On our time alone, F and I jumped into the lobby of the Deco steam bath place. That is as close as we will get to being in a sauna togther because I promised to take the girls to a spa where there are no naked men, bathing suits are required, and mud masks are a sure thing.

Everyone is so stoned here that even the buildings start nodding forwards. Check out that third one. In an hour it will wake up and have the munchies and we will all be in trouble.
Cheer up you Bastards - (says the sign). I like you just the way you are.

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