Saturday, July 18, 2015

Amsterdam is kind of intense
The home exchange lady said that compared to our house, her's must be like camping. I don't know how to respond to that. I would never ever go camping. Voluntarily.
Giorgia and I setting out for shopping. We had to wait for the other two girls to get bandaids.
The flowers in front of the home exchange.

This is just your run of the mill neighborhood fossil store. See the giant purple gem stone?

These are chairs made from classic penguin book covers. Love them!

Here are more Dutch people who are obsessed with leg dangling. I keep thinking everyone is about to commit suicide, but then I realize that they just like dangling legs out of windows and over walls. One lady cleaned her foot bottoms out her bedroom window onto the street. She was three floors up and popped back in when we locked eyes accidentally.

This is how they serve mint tea. The waitress mocked me when I asked for it hot. How else would it be? she mocked.
I wasn't sure which one was the tea.
Look Ian, 3D stuff!

Mamma likey.

Our girls at a mega mall getting a free hand softening treatment. I don't think any weed was exchanged.

The mega-mall.
Look closely. It is a ferris wheel for seated tooth brushes. Amsterdam - not weird at all.

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