Sunday, June 07, 2015

picture day
I needed a new profile picture and so F took these.

 Today we made the startling discovery that the sweet couple from Napoli lives above us in the Snow White apartment and not an angry, pregnant woman with plans to move out -- so that changes everything. We decided to give bread to the couple next door, downstairs and upstairs in a strategic move that is nothing less than a huge effort at manipulation through carbohydrates. We figure if there is ever a flood or a noise problem on our part or theirs, we will always be innocent due to our fabulous bread. Anyway, the lady upstairs is a primary school teacher and I think he is a jump-roping neat freak who has offered to make us Napolitan coffee, the side effects of which may or may not be rampant jump roping and vacuuming at early morning hours. The American girl that looks like Barbie and her iron man husband from Austria never made it home from the beach and neither did the others so they will have to have day-old bread tomorrow. Let's face it, that's all they probably deserve. :) Barbie and Iron Man have a dog. It barks when you try to bring them bread. Otherwise, it is quiet. I think it is probably a battery issue.

New photo for Master Bedroom. Do you love?

In other news, we got jobs teaching English at a paper company that makes paper on rolls. All of my students are really sweet so far, and it is a totally pleasant experience. I've learned that recycled is not always better for the earth and lots of things about that cylinder core that you never know what to do with. Our students are preparing for an important business event that they are very serious about, called "It's Tissue." It is a damned shame that I laugh until tears come out of my eyes everytime somebody says that particular phrase and then have to catch my breath while responding, "God Bless You."

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