Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moving on
T survived Italian high school again this year! She is awesome. Hence the huge party. Well, it's a school party, but she is going with Giorgia, Natasha, and her new friend Stella who is here visiting from America. They look super glam. Check out this photo we forced them to pose for:

The girl in the middle gave me one day's notice that she absolutely had to have high heels for this event.

In other news, we had a super mega galactic miscommunication with the second Barcelona family and the dates got confused. I am officially The Biggest Loser of Homeexchange.
The woman who had proposed the exchange was super polite about the whole fiasco. The fact is that I had told her we already had airplane tickets for certain dates and then didn't notice when she optimistically proposed completely different dates and went ahead and accepted them. Hence, we are not going to Barcelona. I really want to go some day, but I'm not sad about doing just one exchange this summer to Amsterdam. The exchanges are a lot of work and I hate airports. We are going to plan some kind of Italian adventure instead.

Today I discovered that this place was around the corner from the new house and I had never seen it before.

How do you miss an entire secret courtyard, a church, and a ceramics museum? Wake up, immigrant lady, and smell the espresso!!

 There were two aproned name tagged young people out front and I just rushed to the conclusion that they were religious enthusiasts. It turned out that the young man running after me was none other than Leo from the fancy gym - a young man who is all about Zumba all day every day and who has a penchant for getting his photo taken with anyone with a female anatomy and then posting it on social media. I have my theories about why he does this, but I will keep them to myself. Anyway, he was very knowledgeable and charming about all things Church of San Francesco and so I let him give me the tour only to find out that at the end I would have my photo taken with him by his coworker. I would screenshot you a copy, but then I might have to accept his friend request. I am pretty sure I will never get rid of him now.
This is off fb. Totally illegal??
I also have one English student in an all male course who walks me home and carries my books. I had no worries until one evening when he asked me where my husband was . . . And now F has to pick me up after work all the time. So awkward.

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